Despite drawing a blank in the recent EPL clash against Liverpool at Anfield, the prolific Erling Haaland has scored in eight of his 10 Premier League appearances so far and plundered an impressive 15 goals overall (and 20 in all competitions).

This tally has included three hattricks, with the 22-year-old have adapted seamlessly to life in Europe’s most hectic and competitive league.

However, there have already been murmurs about Haaland’s future, which seems uncertain given that the Norwegian has only recently signed for City. But is the young striker already becoming a burden in the Man City dressing room?

Why is the Uncertainty Around Haaland’s Future?

Recently, it was suggested that Manchester City had been asked to include a £170 million release clause in Haaland’s contract, a claim that was broadly dismissed by manager Pep Guardiola.

However, the inclusion of such clauses is something that the striker’s dad (Alf-Inge) has always insisted on, creating some speculation that the Norwegian could move to Real Madrid in the next two or three years or so.

Such speculation mounted following the recent documentary program ‘Haaland: The Big Decision’. In this show, Alf-Inge suggested that “Erling wants to prove his abilities in all leagues. Then he can stay there [Manchester City] for three or four years at the most”.

At the same time, Borussia Dortmund sporting director Sebastian Kehl has waded into the discussion, suggesting that the younger Haaland became something of a burden in the Bundesliga dressing room given the intense conversation that focused on the striker’s future.

A release fee clause was in place then, with Kehl telling German paper Sport Bild: “He had become the subject of every conversation. Outside the club, almost everything was exclusively focused on him. In the end, the timing of the transfer was right for both parties. And we are all happy for Erling that he continues to be so successful.”

This is already something that appears to be happening at City, albeit on a small scale, and speculation continues to mount that Haaland could leave England in 2024 or shortly after.

The Last Word – Could This Become an Issue for Manchester City?

Haaland has already had a dramatic impact on the City side, becoming a key attacking focal point within the team and assuming the main burden for scoring goals.

He’s also considered to be something of a superstar in a team that’s notoriously free from egos, with this likely to have already impacted the dressing room dynamics considerably.

As the dominant EPL side and one of Europe’s best teams, City will also be unaccustomed to constant speculation around the future of their players. Only Portuguese midfielder Bernardo Silva has been the topic of similar discussions of late, but even this appears to have settled for now.

This is now a dynamic that Pep will have to manage, however, with sportsbooks slashing their odds that Haaland could leave for Madrid (or another European superpower) in 2024.

Sure, you may want to wager your hard-earned cash at the rather than speculate on Haaland’s long-term future, which becomes more uncertain by the day.

However, it’s becoming an increasingly prevalent issue at City, who must move through the noise to ensure that they get the best from Haaland both at home and abroad.