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After getting thrown out of the UEFA Champions League by Tottenham, Manchester City have not had an easy time. Since then, a team that are used to scoring a lot have won three of the last four games by a one-goal margin. They have managed to keep their one-point advantage over Liverpool but we have not seen the aggressive and lethal team we are used to. In this tactical analysis, the road to the Premier League title put Manchester City against Leicester City in their last home appearance and they finished with another key yet unconvincing victory.

First Half: Manchester City vs Manchester City

The home team started with the classic 4-3-3, although this time with a more offensive stance when looking at the player selection in the midfield. Gündoğan, David Silva and Foden were a testament of what Guardiola was trying to implement in his tactical approach, a team with enough offensive power, technical superiority and higher mobility. Whether Leicester decided to defend or attack, he would need his players to be ready. They would need to be able to generate spaces and win duels if Leicester decided to defend, or fight for possession if Leicester decided to attack.

manchester city leicester premier league tactical analysis

To almost everyone’s surprise, Brendan Rodgers decided to come out and fight against Manchester City where they feel more comfortable, trying to steal the ball from the home team. It was Manchester City against Manchester City.

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