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Now that Vincent Kompany has left Manchester City to become player-manager at Anderlecht, the Blues will be looking for a new captain. Although he didn’t play many games in certain seasons, Kompany has been the captain of Manchester City since 2010 and the captain’s tire remained wrapped around his arm till his departure. Usually, Yaya Toure, Fernandinho or David Silva alternately took the armband when Kompany was not on the pitch and all of them are therefore strong candidates in becoming the new Man City captain.

But besides them, De Bruyne has also shown interest in becoming captain of the Citizens next season. He has been asked the question and the Belgian replied he is open to becoming the new Manchester City captain if the armband is being offered to him. The Belgian international has strengthened the Manchester city team for five seasons with a total of 173 appearances and scored 40 goals.

Pep Guardiola is expecting to have the real Kevin De Bruyne back this season after his post-World Cup 2018 campaign was ruined by lots of injuries; it is plausible the Belgian will be the new captain following in the footsteps of his teammate at the Belgian national team. De Bruyne is one of the most important players for Man City and the central midfielder position is the perfect place to get your voice heard on the field. If there is one player Man City should build its team around, it would certainly be the Belgian international.

So, who will be the next Man City captain? De Bruyne and David Silva are the most likely to make it. Pep Guardiola said the players will choose the captain themselves now that Kompany left at the end of last season. Midfielder David Silva captained City during the pre-season friendlies but a permanent replacement will not be made until all the squad are back from summer breaks. We will know more about the outcome in a couple of weeks.