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Manchester City will need to beef up the squad when the transfer window opens in January. Most of the problems affecting the club presently are from injuries to key players in City’s squad and another problem is not having the right replacements to take charge in place.

This makes bringing in new players in January a priority for Manchester City. Several players have been linked to the club, but the club has not hinted on which they might be going for, at least not openly. City need reinforcements if they are to chase down Liverpool, with the folks at allvideoslots Canada believing that it is in midfield they need more strength – not in defence.

Reports on the German media outlet, Sport 1, however, has claimed that Pep Guardiola is a fan of Hoffenheim’s midfielder Dennis Geiger, and he has already inquired about the player with the German outfit.

Manchester City might hit a stumbling block for some reason. First is because the German came from Hoffenheim’s youth setup and the second is because his contract at the club runs until 2022.

Is Dennis Geiger right for Manchester City?

Dennis Geiger is sure a talented player. The 21-year-old currently plays with the Germany u-21 team and he played an important role in his side’s match against Bayern Munich. That performance also has earned him praises for how well he performed in the midfield, securing a 2-1 win for Hoffenheim.

As it is, Geiger doesn’t have a release clause in his contract and it is not clear yet on how much Hoffenheim might ask for him.

Does Manchester City need a defensive midfielder?

For all Manchester City fans that watch and observe the team’s game, we know that City’s current midfield cannot stay strong for more than two seasons. With the injuries in the squad, Fernandinho has been moved to the back and that leaves Rodri as the first-choice defensive midfielder.

With the transfer window opening in January, we will be looking at Guardiola bringing in a defender and that will see Fernandinho going back to his defensive role in the midfield but let’s not forget that the Brazilian is 31 years old and the midfield cannot be built around him defensively, hence the need for another young player that can fill that space.

What to expect from Geiger

Dennis Geiger has a lot to offer, from being tenacious to his intense energy in the midfield.

That’s not all. Apart from being a disruptor in the midfield, he is also comfortable on the ball, quick to look out for a pass and fits in seamlessly in Hoffenheim’s playing style.

Geiger is yet not a finished product, and he might have to improve on the physical front. Premier League is known for its physicality and Geiger will have to develop on that aspect if he wants to thrive in the English top flight.


With Guardiola pitched to be keen on the 21-year-old, it is left to see how keen Manchester City will be to go for him when the transfer window opens in January.