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Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the best of them all? – Raheem Sterling.

The 24-year-old English winger is having a good time in Manchester City with his brilliant form. He is currently generating buzz on all social media with some fans even lumping him in with the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of achievement.

Maybe they are not totally wrong to do so. Raheem Sterling has been on fire in Manchester City. In his 235 Premier League appearances for City, he has scored 73 goals, averaging 0.31 goals per match, and has 44 assists, a total of 7,438 passes, and averaging 31.65 passes per match. The English professional has had 477 shots194 on target with a 41% shooting accuracy. He’s also had 484 crosses, creating 58 big chances. (Premier League Stat)

Comparison is not the only thing his impressive form has earned him, seeing as fans have continued to shower him with praises. Raheem Sterling also does not seem like he is stopping with his development any time soon. His hat-trick against Atalanta in their Champions League clash was followed by an opening goal against Aston Villa in the Premier League this weekend.

He can become the best in the world

Sterling is already on his journey to being the best in the world, and a teammate who is really impressed by his performance had this to say after Manchester City’s match against Aston Villa over the weekend:

“He is among the five best attacking players in the world, definitely.

“Just now it’s about consistency but he has shown in the last 12 to 18 months that he is able to be that consistent.

“If he can continue like that, he can be on the top.

“He made a big step forward – not really in training, because he was always hard-working and one of the best in training sessions.

“But the way he is on match day, with his mentality and his aggression – both with and without the ball.

“He’s crucial for us, you need this type of player, a game-changing player, and he is probably the one player who can change everything for us.

“We want to help him to keep going like that, scoring and scoring.

“At the moment there are no limits for him and it’s up to us to help him achieve all of his targets and try to get out the very best possible Raheem Sterling in the next few months.”

The Raheem Sterling effect on Manchester City’s gameplay

Manchester City is the defending champion of the Premier League and they are in the run for the league title this season. However, injuries have had a major setback on the team this season with a couple of the club’s key players out for weeks. It has affected the team, leaving a void that is hard to fill in Pep Guardiola’s squad. Currently, Manchester City are behind their rival, Liverpool – who finished 1 point behind them last season – by 3 points.

Raheem Sterling’s form can be the spirit boost the club needs, knowing they have a world-class winger that can work wonders in their rank. That can be a little bit of a stretch on Sterling, an expectation that will put him under unnecessary pressure but if handled right, could be the right trigger to help him get better.


2nd in the League with twenty five points, Manchester City has been managing to stay afloat even with the injury setbacks they’ve had to deal with so far. With Raheem Sterling in his top form, putting in goals and assists, the club can be assured of victories. His form has reflected on the club’s wins and performance so far and it shows how much one man can influence a team.