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The rise of Manchester City as one of English football’s most dominant forces has been characterised by some of the Premier League’s finest footballers, and City have long been a side associated with swift, attacking football. The club’s financial riches have allowed them to build squads full of attacking talent, and this has seen City’s fortunes increase in the form of four Premier League titles, and they have become consistent title favourites each season in all the football betting odds.

The club have had plenty of top goalscorers in recent seasons, so let’s take a look at Manchester City’s top five scorers in the Premier League.

Sergio Agüero, 180 goals

Unsurprisingly, top of the list is Sergio Agüero, a man who continues to rise up the all-time Premier League goalscorers chart with every passing season. The Argentine international has torn up the league since arriving at Manchester City in the summer of 2011, famously scoring that last-gasp goal against Queens Park Rangers in 2012 to secure City’s first Premier League title.

Although Agüero’s appearances have been slightly more sporadic under Pep Guardiola in recent times, he remains one of the league’s top goal-getters, and is among the best finishers English football has ever seen.

Yaya Touré, 62 goals

City fans still hold a special place in their hearts for Yaya Touré, a player whose class defined the club’s success in the early 2010s. When he arrived from Barcelona in 2009, Touré was considered by most to be a defensive midfielder, but he soon developed a knack for grabbing goals, and before long he was among the Premier League’s top marksmen. In City’s title-winning campaign of 2013-14, Touré scored 20 league goals, a fine figure for a central midfielder.

Although his latter time at the club was characterised by a sense of bitterness and enmity between himself and the club, Touré will forever be remembered as a City legend.

Raheem Sterling, 59 goals

Raheem Sterling is a player quickly working towards earning that same legend status at the Etihad. Eyebrows were raised when the club forked out £49 million to acquire his services from Liverpool, but Sterling has ultimately proved all his doubters wrong. His positional sense is second to none in the Premier League, and he has become adept at putting the finishing touches to City’s slick, intricate attacking moves under Guardiola.

There have been rumours afoot that a move to Real Madrid could be on the cards should City’s ban from European competition be upheld, but fans will be hoping that the Englishman sticks around for many more years to come and adds to his impressive goal tally.

Carlos Tevez, 58 goals

Carlos Tevez made all the headlines in the summer of 2009 when he moved to City from arch-rivals Manchester United – the first player to transfer between the two sides since Terry Cooke in 1999. But it was a move that worked out perfectly for player and club alike, as Tevez proved his talents in the coming seasons, bagging goal after goal and helping city win both the FA Cup and the Premier League title.

David Silva, 57 goals

Deservingly held as one of the club’s greatest ever players, David Silva is perhaps a player whose goalscoring record will surprise a few. Many associate the Spaniard with being the provider of goals for players like Tevez, Agüero and Sterling, but he boasts a decent strike rate of his own in the Premier League. It appears as though his time at the club is now coming to an end, but Silva has proved himself as one of the most creative players both Manchester City and the Premier League have ever seen.