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When Manchester City meet Chelsea over the weekend, most eyes will be on one Chelsea player and that man will be Tammy Abraham. However, watching Abraham too be the mistake that will cost Manchester City the match. Not to say Tammy Abraham is not a threat but he is not the right man to put all focus on for that match. This current Chelsea squad has more than one threat, with Jorginho in particular impressing in recent weeks.

Jorginho had been a chastised while playing under Maurizio Sarri with many fans pitching him as everything wrong with Sarri Ball, but now most observant football fans will notice how quickly he has started to become one of the key players for Chelsea.

Why Manchester City should be wary of Jorginho

If you are looking for the man who provides the ball for Tammy Abraham and the wingers, Jorginho is that man. His inventiveness and perfect partnership with Kovacic has made it possible for him to be the perfect link between the back and the forwards, making him a very important player on the team with a key role to play.

He has a huge impact on how the team transitions forward.

Let’s also not forget that the midfielder is fast on his feet and his style of play lets him play the ball into space and get to it before anyone else. This makes his playing style somewhat different and hard to keep up with.

Manchester City legend, Shaun Goater also pitched the 27-year-old Italian as a threat against Manchester City as seen on Football London while speaking on why Manchester City must take this win this time around.

“Jorginho has been brilliant. He is huge in the transition and how they play.

“When they transition the play from back to front he is critical during those moments. Man City must stop him because he provides the supply for Abraham and the wingers.

“He provides that directly but also indirectly as well. The pass he gives into the eight and ten then goes into the wide players and Tammy.

“It’s crazy because it looked like Chelsea fans didn’t like him a year ago. He looks really good in that role and position.

“This game against Chelsea becomes much more important (after the loss to Liverpool)

“That’s because to come back from a distance of 12 points would be huge. The reason I say it would be huge is because of the current form that Liverpool are in.

“It’s vitally important for City to claw back these points slowly but surely. It makes this game absolutely huge and a must-win.

“Great teams do not go back to back losing games. For that reason, there is a huge part of me that feels City will go on and win this game.

“There is also equally a part of me that from a footballing point of view is liking what Frank Lampard is doing at Chelsea.

“They are both teams who like to play in the right way. It’s a huge game and I reckon they can go onto win this match. 12 points would be a huge mountain to climb.”


The match against Chelsea is really important for Manchester City over the weekend and they can’t settle for anything less than a win. Getting back from nine points behind Liverpool will be easier than getting back from 12, and that is what they must try as much as possible to avoid.