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The Premier League is only eight games in, and already the Liverpool-enthusiasts in the media are awarding the title to the Reds. However, there is still a long way to go, and while the Citizens may have some ground to makeup, there have been no signs of giving up just yet.

City are the reigning champions of England and have been written off by many experts due to the fact that Jurgen Klopp’s side have started the season with eight wins on the bounce, and have opened up an eight-point lead following the last round of Premier League results before the international break. But, there is no need to panic just yet for those at the Etihad as City will still be the side celebrating at the end of the season, and here’s why.

False Narratives

The media love Liverpool, and there’s no hiding that. They have been painting a picture all season that Klopp’s side have been playing sides off the park and winning as convincingly as City did against Watford.

However, those that have watched the games would be only too aware that this really isn’t the case, and instead, the media are painting a false picture. Apart the lack-lustre defeat against Wolverhampton Wanderers last time out, City have been playing the better football out of the two and Liverpool are a long way off the best sides that we have seen in the Premier League.

They needed a huge slice of luck to get past Sheffield United recently, and there have been defensive questions surrounding the Reds since the opening day of the season. City have won by four goals or more on three occasions already this season, while the Reds have failed to do that in a single competition.

Pep Guardiola

The Spanish genius behind the City tactics is a crucial member of the team that will pull back the Reds. He has had previous of this just last season when Guardiola overseen the Reds squander a ten-point lead.

The Spaniard’s winning mentality is something that can’t be ignored, and his domestic record as a manager is second to none.

Granted, Jurgen Klopp has won the Bundesliga twice, but there’s no doubt that the man that you would want to be in your dugout when you’re going for the league title is Guardiola.

He has won eight domestic league titles throughout his career, and these contribute to his overall total of 28 professional titles compared to Klopp’s seven. There’s no doubt who the manager that delivers the goods really is.


You can’t win a league title without your fair share of luck, and the main reason why Liverpool have emerged as the bookmaker’s favourites, like you can see in Bet America, is down to injuries. The Reds haven’t sustained a significant injury to their side in the past 18 months and have been able to play Virgil van Dijk, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane with no risks.

Meanwhile, City had to deal without Kevin De Bruyne last season, and are now without Aymeric Laporte and Leroy Sane until the new year in this campaign.

These injuries won’t last forever, and the shoe will be on the other foot at some stage. Laporte and Sane will return, and should City be within touching distance than both players will play their part in City overtaking Klopp’s side.

Both of these players will also return at a crucial part of the season, which could also see City replace Liverpool as the leading contenders for the Champions League too. The return of both of these stars could be the biggest turning point in the season.