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The Manchester City manager’s donation was announced by the Medical College of Barcelona and will help create respirators and protective gear.

Pep Guardiola has contributed $1 million (#920,000/$1.08 million) to help purchase medical supplies in the struggle against coronavirus in his residence of Catalonia.

An announcement from the Medical College of Barcelona confirmed the Manchester City director’s contribution to the Angel Soler Daniel Foundation’s campaign.

The contribution will go towards the purchase and creation of medical equipment and supplies to assist in the treatment of COVID-19 in the region.

The announcement read: “The contribution campaign encouraged by the Medical College of Barcelona and managed through the Angel Soler Daniel Foundation intends to collect medical substances and monetary contributions from collegiate physicians and the general population for purchasing medical equipment and equipment that’s now lacking in health centers in Catalonia.

“It will also help fund the alternate creation, through 3D printing and other procedures, of respirators and personal protection gear for health care staff.”

The campaign, set up on March 21, had raised $33,000 before Guardiola’s contribution.

Produced in central Catalonia, Guardiola came through the youth ranks at Barcelona as a participant, spending most of his playing career in the club prior to taking charge of the first team in 2008.

With nearly the entire sporting calendar wiped out by cancellations as a result of coronavirus pandemic, a range of soccer stars have been assisting with efforts to curb its spread and treat those affected.

Guardiola’s long-term rival, Jose Mourinho was revealed on Monday volunteering for charity Age UK and neighborhood team Love Your Doorstep.

The Tottenham manager helped pack parcels of food and essential items and delivered them to older residents in north London.

Mourinho’s Spurs defender Toby Alderweireld, meanwhile, has vowed to contribute”dozens” of tablets to hospitals and nursing homes to permit people in isolation or quarantine to video chat with friends and loved ones.

Manchester City and Manchester United donated #100,000 to food banks in the Manchester area in a bid to encourage them throughout the crisis.

Guardiola’s former striker Robert Lewandowski and wife Anna have donated $1m, following his Bayern Munich team-mates Leon Goretzka and Joshua Kimmich set up a fund called ‘We Kick Corona’, donating $1m between them.

The German national soccer team also have contributed with a $2.5m contribution and a call for fans to contribute using WirHelfen (WeHelp).