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Pep Guardiola has shown that his Argentine striker is prepared to face Sheffield Wednesday, but a German winger has been eased back into action.

Pep Guardiola has calmed any harm fears around Sergio Aguero, together with the Manchester City striker fit enough to face Sheffield Wednesday from the FA Cup, but no risks will be taken with Leroy Sane.

The Blues watched their all-time top goalscorer pick up a knock during Sunday’s Carabao Cup final win over Aston Villa.

Aguero took a blow to his knee that left him bloodied, bruised and hobbling from the area six minutes from time, but he sought to play down the seriousness of the problem when joining from the post-match parties at Wembley.

Guardiola has confirmed that there isn’t anything to be concerned about in regards to the participation of this prolific Argentine frontman in forthcoming encounters.

City’s boss told reporters when asked for a fitness update before a visit to Hillsborough on Wednesday: “He is [Aguero] okay for tomorrow.

“[Claudio] Bravo is fine too, he’s going to play tomorrow.”

While two seasoned figures are prepared to face the Owls, Guardiola won’t be racing Germany international winger Sane back into competitive action.

The 24-year-old forward was eased through his recovery from a severe knee injury and just recently returned to full training.

Sane has guessed for City’s U23 side in a bid to acquire minutes under his belt, but he will play no role in Sheffield.

Guardiola added: “Six months out – it is a procedure.

“You feel great but confidence… he is doing the normal measures to return.”

With the Carabao Cup having been placed together with the Community Shield in City’s decoration set for 2019-20, Guardiola is turning attention towards the next that the Blues are looking to successfully defend.

He said of his ambitious squad: “If they win a trophy, they go to have a shower and then they consider the next one.

“It is so nice what we’ve done in the previous 3 years [from the League Cup] but tomorrow we have another final.

“Away in the FA Cup is always tricky for how significant this rivalry is but we can go through into the quarter-finals and that’s what we must do. We need to be focused on this.”

City will also be chasing down Champions League glory this year, but their Premier League crown has slipped and Guardiola admits that completing as near runaway leaders Liverpool as possible is currently the sole target available in the English top-flight.

He added: “The league is deserved and it’s done.

“In other competitions, we’ve won two this year and now we’ve got the cup and the Premier League since we must improve to finish second and get the maximum points as you can and then there are two contests “