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The Italian striker is famous for as many things he’s done off the field as on it, but is it all true?

No show on myths in soccer would be complete without a bit on Mario Balotelli. The man’s full career is the stuff of legend.

Roberto Mancini says he enjoys Balotelli like a son but he admits that the striker is”mad”.

In terms of Balotelli himself, he admits that he”sometimes does odd things”, which explains why there are a lot of stories about among the game’s true mavericks.

Not all of these are accurate, though. Or, to be more precise, not all of these can be proven.

Balotelli prevented any sanction over the episode and has always insisted that he was fined once during his period in the Etihad, for returning to Italy in 2012 rather than stay in Manchester to celebrate City’s Premier League title victory.

He was eventually substituted at the 57th minute, with director Roberto Mancini explaining afterward that the striker seemed to have suffered an allergic reaction to the sort of grass on the pitch in the Valeriy Lobanovskiy Stadium.

“His face was bloated, I do not know why,” Mancini said at his post-match media conference. I came out a moment before the players and I did not see Mario. He said he could play his face was bloated”

Balotelli had endured similar responses to artificial surfaces as a youngster, while Inter’s medical team also discovered allergies to certain products during his time at the club.

Balotelli crashed his car and authorities fined £5,000 in money

It has been claimed that the authorities found the Italian in possession of 5,000 and that when asked why he had so much cash on him, Balotelli responded, “Because I’m rich.” However, that portion of this narrative hasn’t been substantiated.

Given his previous vehicle crash at City, AC Milan banned Balotelli from go-karting because of the possibility of harm after he joined the club in 2013.

The attacker stopped pushing go-karts but he did not stop going to the track.

Really, Balotelli rather took a #200,000 Ferrari for a spin round the Pala K karting complex in Milan.

“It is my go-kart track so that I could go indoors in my own car,” Balotelli said by means of justification. “There were no issues.”

Balotelli set his home on fire

On Friday, October 21, City boss Mancini praised Balotelli for an improvement in his behavior on and off the field, admitting that he expected the forward was”shifting his mentality”.

Before 1:00 am the next morning, two fire crews were called to Balotelli’s home to cope with what was described as”a substantial fire” on the first floor.

According to reports, police were also called, primarily to stop Balotelli re-enter his house to salvage a quantity of cash and a suitcase.

An official announcement from the fire service department confirmed that the blaze — that was put out within half an hour had been brought on by a firework.

Balotelli, however, has confessed that he and his buddies were letting off fireworks but always insisted they had not been inside the restroom and that the story was blown out of proportion.

“It was not like my home was on fire,” he told Sports Illustrated. “It was only the toilet because one firework went the wrong way.”

“It required the curtain, and the curtains got on fire and the smoke moved round the home. But we weren’t inside. We were out with the fireworks”

Balotelli famously tapped to the subject that misfortune followed him about when he netted in City’s 6-1 rout of Manchester United at Old Trafford that the very next day and pulled his shirt up to unveil a vest with’Why Always Me?’