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The Reds have assembled a 25-point lead at the top of the Premier League table, winning 25 of the 27 Games.

Manchester City midfielder Rodri has hailed the unbelievable year Liverpool have assembled, stating the one thing he could do is clap for Jurgen Klopp’s side.

Liverpool have assembled a huge 25-point edge over City in the peak of the Premier League table, together with the Reds winning 25 of the 27 games in 2019-20 up to now.

Klopp’s guys were cruising toward a league name once the coronavirus outbreak brought the season to a stop in March, with drama yet to restart.

The English top flight is planning to restart in June beneath that their “Project Restart” representative, together with the Reds two wins from their first Premier League title.

Though City’s name defence is set to finish meekly Rodri has stated he’s still pleased with his side’s effort so far, together with Liverpool only on a different level in 2019-20.

“Liverpool have been amazing this year from the Premier League. They’ve concentrated their whole mentality about the Premier League just and in such situations the one thing that you can do is clap.

“But we have had many issues this season. We’ve had plenty of injuries and significant players outside but it’s not been a poor season for us we’re second.

“OK, it is not where we would like to be but sometimes it is like that and we must keep going. I believe we’re proud of this season we have done.

“We have two names (Community Shield and Carabao Cup) and we’ve got an opportunity to find another two such as the Champions League.”

Rodri combined Man City out of Atletico Madrid from the off-season and states his first time in England was a”fantasy”.

“For me, it is a fantasy,” that the 23-year-old said. “You will never know whether you’re likely to get the experience of playing in the Premier League with this massive club that’s City.

“I’m so, so pleased to have made this choice and it has been an unbelievable year for me personally. I have heard a lot, I have won a name and we are still residing in different contests.

“The surroundings of the stadiums, you believe the folks here in England breathe soccer. For me it is amazing and I am so pleased.”