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The England international, who abandoned Merseyside in 2015, has kept the door open for a potential retracing of his measures at a certain point later on.

Raheem Sterling won’t be brought back on the novels at Liverpool, says Phil Thompson, together with all the former Reds captain stating”time to get a return has gone” to its Manchester City winger.

People on Merseyside had enticed Sterling from Queens Park Rangers for a kid and supplied him with a grownup point on which to showcase his talent.

Liverpool were impressed with the exciting ahead with lots of potential to be unlocked chosen against registering a new contract and forced a big-money proceed to Manchester.

Many bridges have been burnt at the point, but Sterling has hinted he would be amenable to the concept of retracing his steps.

Former Reds captain Thompson cannot find any way by which this type of move could be pushed through, even though a recognizable face has turned into a star in City.

The end product that was missing at times in the past was added to his match under Pep Guardiola, using a transfer to Real Madrid also being mooted for Sterling.

Quizzed about the Liverpool reunite speak, Thompson, advised Sky Sports: “I feel that the time to get a return has gone.

“I felt that he had a great deal to do if he left Liverpool. I believed that he was a fantastic young player whose completion would be greater, and he has become a fantastic player.

“I’d feel when Pep Guardiola leaves Manchester City, Sterling will proceed.

Sterling recently revealed he has fond memories of the time at Anfield and wouldn’t shut the door on another spell on Merseyside.

He explained:”Can I go back to Liverpool? To be honest with you I adore Liverpool.

“Do not get it twisted, they’re constantly in my heart. It is a group that did a great deal for me growing up so…”

Sterling took in 129 looks for Liverpool, recording 23 goals.

Throughout his time in City, a guy with 56 England caps to his name has discovered the goal 89 times through 230 games for the Blues.