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The French defender picked up another untimely knock against Real Madrid and will be stuck on the sidelines again before the end of March.

Aymeric Laporte is facing up to another month on the sidelines at Manchester City with a hamstring injury, Pep Guardiola has shown.

The French defender left the area in tears after picking up an untimely knock during a 2-1 victory for the Blues over Real Madrid in the first leg of a heavyweight Champions League last-16 experience.

He finds himself back on the treatment table consequently, having already sat out a huge portion of this 2019-20 campaign.

City fought for consistency throughout Laporte’s earlier lack, using a key man ruled out just four matches into the present Premier League season.

He wasn’t seen again until January and has managed just four additional outings before being laid low once more.

Guardiola concedes he is likely to be without Laporte until late-March, meaning he is going to be unavailable for the Carabao Cup closing, an FA Cup fifth-round clash with Sheffield Wednesday, a derby date with Manchester United, the return leg of a meeting with Madrid and a visit to Chelsea.

The City boss told reporters when offering an upgrade on Laporte: “It is a hamstring injury. Normally it’s three weeks or a month. We try to prevent it but it’s happened. At times, it happens.

“I imagine it’s tough and you must work hard. Life isn’t easy and always on the planet the folks who survive are people who cope with the terrible moments. It’s what it is. Accept it, work hard to return as soon as possible.”

While Laporte will be limited to a watching brief against Aston Villa in Wembley on Sunday, Guardiola is excited about chasing down another piece of big silverware.

He explained: “It’s so tough to attain a final, so being there again it’s a terrific achievement. Hopefully, for the lovers we can win it.

“The result of the of last day is past and today we concentrate on the final. It’s not the same competition with a historical team. I think it is going to be a wonderful game.”

Guardiola, whose City side are chasing down a third consecutive Carabao Cup victory, added on the advantages of going into another big game on the back of a notable win over Madrid: “Obviously it’s better.

“It’s far better to go to perform a closing following a fantastic result in Madrid but we can’t live a last thinking how great we were.

“Madrid isn’t done first of all, constantly I’ve thought it is incredibly tricky to succeed at big clubs but it’s harder to beat them twice.

“Big clubs can lose 1 game but two? It doesn’t come often. However, it helps us so football is all about emotion and it’s far better to play with a final with the personality.”