Welcome, football enthusiasts, to the ultimate “Guess the Player” Man City quiz

Prepare yourselves for a thrilling journey through the rich history and iconic roster of this legendary club. From the roaring ’60s to the modern dominance, Manchester City has seen remarkable players grace its hallowed turf. In this quiz, we will test your knowledge, passion, and memory as we delve into the captivating world of the Sky Blues. 

From goal-scoring heroes to midfield maestros and steadfast defenders, the players who have donned the sky-blue jersey have left an indelible mark on the beautiful game. 

The rules are simple. Each team/player gets one guess per round. The first player to shout out the correct answer wins. If you get the answer correct, you get one point. The team who has the most points at the end wins!


#1 Uwe Rösler

Clue 1: In 1994, I joined Manchester City on trial from 1. FC Nürnberg.

Clue 2: In the 1994–95 campaign I formed a productive strike partnership with Paul Walsh, scoring 22 goals in all competitions.

Clue 3: I was inducted into Man City’s “Hall of Fame” after scoring 64 goals during my 4 years at the club. 

#2 Alan Oakes

Clue 1: I joined Man City in 1958 at the age of fifteen. 

Clue 2: I won the Second Division, First Division, FA Cup, League Cup & European Cup Winners’ Cup.

Clue 3: I hold the all-time record for the highest number of appearances for Man City.

#3 Paul Dickov

Clue 1: I joined Man City from Arsenal in 1996 and was the final signing of Alan Ball’s management.

Clue 2:  Joe Royle nicknamed me “the crocus” as I tended to come to life in the spring months.

Clue 3: I scored 35 goals in 158 appearances for the club. My best season was scoring 16 goals alongside strike partner Shaun Goater in the 1998-99 season.

#4 Shaun Goater

Clue 1: After initially failing to break into the Man City first team I joined Rotherham United in 1989. I rejoined the club again in 1998.

Clue 2: In the 1999–2000 season I was the club’s top goal scorer with 29 goals, and was named Manchester City’s Player of the Year 

Clue 3: The City fans created me the song “Feed The Goat And He Will Score”.

#5 Richard Dunne

Clue 1: I joined Man City in 2000 for a fee of £3.5 million, rejoining my former manager Joe Royle.

Clue 2: I made 296 appearances for Man City, earning the Player of the Year award 4 times.

Clue 3: I hold the Premier League record for the most red cards and the most own goals.

#6 Sun Jihai

Clue 1: In February 2002, I joined Manchester City for £2 million having spent the previous season on loan at Crystal Palace.

Clue 2: I made 130 appearances for the club as a full-back.

Clue 3: I became the first East Asian footballer to score in the Premier League.

#7 Vincent Kompany

Clue 1: I joined Man City in 2008 and was initially deployed as a defensive midfielder.

Clue 2: In the 2012 season I was named Barclays Player of the Season, becoming the first City player to earn this award.

Clue 3: In 2021, Man City unveiled a statue of me outside the Etihad to commemorate my “transformational” contribution at the club.

#8 Yaya Toure

Clue 1: In 2010, I joined Man City for a fee of £24 million. 

Clue 2: In my debut season I scored the winning goal in the 2011 FA Cup final.

Clue 3: I made 230 appearances for the club, scoring 59 times and winning three Premier League titles.

#9 Carlos Tevez

Clue 1: In 2009, I joined Manchester City from their rivals Man United.

Clue 2: In 2010, I replaced Kolo Toure as club captain.

Clue 3: I went on to score 58 goals in 113 games for Man City.

#10 Niall Quinn

Clue 1: I joined Man City from Arsenal in 1990 for a fee of £800,000.

Clue 2: My most notable game for City was in 1991 when I scored and saved a penalty in the same match.

Clue 3: I went on to score 78 goals in 245 appearances for the club.

Congratulations on completing the Manchester City “Guess the Player” quiz! You’ve navigated through the annals of history and demonstrated your remarkable knowledge of the Sky Blues’ iconic roster. 

From the legendary players of yesteryears to the modern-day superstars, Manchester City’s legacy continues to thrive. We hope this quiz has ignited your passion for the beautiful game and deepened your appreciation for the talents that have graced the Etihad Stadium.