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January is going to be a busy month for clubs in the Premier League, and for Manchester City, it will definitely be the time to make everything wrong with the club right again.

Several key players in Manchester City’s squad have been affected by injuries and most of them do not have a replacement in place that can perform up to expectation or better. That in itself has been a matter of serious concern which will need to be properly attended to when the transfer window resumes in January.

Currently, Manchester City who are the defending champions of the Premier League sits in fourth position in the Premier League table with nine points behind top of the league Liverpool. Let’s also not forget that Liverpool is Manchester City’s arch-rival. The Reds finished one point behind Manchester City last season.

It is sad to see the Cityzens fall below par in their performance this season but it is also understandable that injuries are inevitable in football.

One of the key players affected by injuries is Leroy Sane. He has been out since August and even though he is recovering from the cruciate ligament injury that’s keeping him out of play, he might not be as fit as he used to be when he comes back from the injury, hence the need for a replacement that can hold things down for Manchester City in his place.

Some reports have claimed that Manchester City are considering a move for 23-year-old Bayern Munich winger, Kingsley Coman.

Kingsley Coman in numbers

The 23-year-old is definitely a talented player and will be a great addition to any team he is on. Looking at his stat, the Frenchman has played a total of ten matches for Bayern Munich, starting nine of those ten matches. That leaves him at a total of 774 minutes played in the Bundesliga.

Defensively, he has an average of 1.2 tackles, 0.1 interceptions, 0.6 fouls, and 0.3 dribbled while on the offence, he has one goal and one assist with an average of 1.7 shots per game, 1.6 key passes per game, 3.2 dribbles per game, and fouled an average of 1.8.

While his offensive play is better than his defensive play, it is what is to be expected of an attacking midfielder.

On passing, he has one assist, an average of 1.6 key passes per game, 38.1 average passes per game, 82.7 pass success percentage, 0.8 crosses, 1.2 long balls and 0.2 through balls per game.

Overall, he’s at a total rating of 7.26 in the Bundesliga.

That is not all. He has played a total of three games for Bayern Munich in the Champions League leaving him at a total of 251 minutes in the Champions League for Bayern this season.

On the defence, he has an average of 1.7 tackles, 1.3 fouls and 1.7 dribbled while on the offence he has one goal, one assist, and an average of 3.3 shots per game, 2.3 key passes per game, and an average of 3.3 dribbles per game.

For his passing, he an average of 39.7 passes per game, 91.6 pass success percentage, 0.3 crosses, and 1.3 long balls, leaving him at a total rating of 7.57 in the Champions League for Bayern Munich.


Looking at his numbers, Kingsley Coman is a fine player and having him in Manchester City will definitely add strength to the club’s attacking force.