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Whenever Phil Foden has discussed just how much he has been studying at Manchester City – even if he isn’t playing – he’s regularly used David Silva as his template. Foden has idolised the Spaniard throughout his rise from academy graduate to first-team player. It’s easy to overlook that the Stockport-born midfielder had only just turned 10 when Silva signed for City. In the last few years Silva has taken Foden beneath his wing, guiding him to the first-team picture and seeking to pass on some of the tricks which have lit up the Etihad within the last ten years. However, during Foden’s rise in the past few years five of the 22 starts have come alongside Silva when the latter, he’s expected to substitute in City’s group. That series may be coming a little sooner than anticipated, on recent evidence. He’s been under his best as he had been towards the end of the campaign while Silva had missed through injury. He’s still capable of minutes of magic that is mercurial but today tends to decorate matches instead of dominating them. Even though Foden and Silva played here, providing the support that is narrow they were in competition too. In case Kevin De Bruyne is a certain starter in City’s most significant matches, and Bernardo Silva has been getting back to his best at a central character, then chances in the middle could be infrequent between today and May, particularly if Guardiola continues to tinker with his own platform because he has of late. Yet another chance for Foden has opened up, drifting infield and playing broad, something that Silva certainty does not have the ability for any longer. His 33 years have been catching up with him. This was the first start for Silva since picking up an injury at the derby defeat. For the club Foden has started five of the previous eight matches in his absence. He has been impressive in these games and also the fact Guardiola has had the assurance to play with him at Premier League fittings indicates he’s becoming a member of their squad. Guardiola has endorsed Foden as Silva’s heir apparent. During the past month we have not seen the time might be, although that he’s correct.